Mrs. Hampton earned her bachelor’s degree and currently teaches Pre-Kindergarten at Cougar’s Den Pre-School, a program of 21st Century Charter School at Gary.

In her own words, “I was born in Chicago, Illinois and lived there up to my young adult years.  When I went to high school, I lived on the south side of Chicago in the Englewood area.  However, I attended high school at John F. Kennedy which is far west of Chicago.  When I was a teenager, I played basketball, joined the homecoming committee, wrote poetry, participate in the black history program and sung in the gospel choir.  What I loved about my days at Kennedy, were how my friends and I would compete with each other in class.  We would push each other to achieve good grades, or support each other if we were failing a class.  My teachers always made time to help, answer questions, be silly and support me if I was struggling.  They also pushed me to my potential which is why I wanted to become a teacher.  They saw something in me despite where I lived. ”

What motivates me to work with students each day is their motivation. At times I know that my job description goes farther than me being a teacher. Sometimes, I have to step out of my teacher role and become that nurturing teacher, that the students are happy to see each day. Also, the students teach me things that I as an adult only see from my point of view. When I am still and listening to my students, I can hear them motivating and teaching each other. What I enjoy about working in a school is the collaboration with the staff.

Ms. Hampton is looking to continue my education to pursue a Master’s degree and help mentor her chuch’s young teen mothers. She enjoys spending time with family, reading, and listening to music.