Ms. Bankston graduated from Northeastern Illinois University with  a Bachelor’s degree in History and a minor in social work.  She attended graduate school at Northeastern Illinois University where she received a Masters Degree in Education.  She currently teaches 6th–12th grade.

In her own words, ” The motivation that I have to work with students each day are the smiles that come over the students faces when they grasp a difficult topic or concept.  It serves to remind me that all students can learn but it’s my job to find the right key to unlock their  minds .  I am also motivated daily to show my students that learning is a lifelong process.  I continue to read about new ideas and discover new things, and am excited to share these findings  with my students.  The excitement on their faces when they realize that everyone, young and old, loves and appreciates knowledge is amazing and priceless.

The enjoyment for me of working within a school is the plethora of unique personalities, experiences and ideas within students, teachers , and staff. The dynamics of knowledge and creativity is breath-taking and exciting. ”

In her free time, Ms. Bankston enjoys going on road trips, venturing out to see the world and all of its natural beauty.