My name is Benjamin Starkey. I live in Valparaiso Indiana with my wife, my two kids, two dogs, two guinea pigs, our cat and an obnoxious hedgehog. I am a self proclaimed nerd, loving science fiction, fantasy, gaming and pop culture.

Being an educator is what one might call my family’s business. Both of my parents were educators, as was my grandmother and my mother-in-law, and now working as a Paraprofessional at my children’s school, my wife is also looking to become licensed.

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in History in 2005 and worked for many years in retail management before taking a position with Opportunity Enterprises, providing twenty-four hour services for disabled adults. Working at OE inspired me to look toward helping younger people to help them avoid some of the struggles I saw disabled adults face. I was offered a position at Theodore Roosevelt College and Career Academy during the 2012-13 school year and began working in special education services. I decided to pursue my transition to teaching and earn my Master’s in Education with concentrations in secondary and special education in 2017. I spent a semester at East Chicago Central before having the good fortune to be able to join the 21st Century Charter team this year.

I look forward to serving the needs of not just the special education community but the student population at large. I believe every student has the right to an exemplary education and that each and every student is capable of great things through education. My door is always open.