Academics Programs

21st Century Charter School at Gary utilizes a variety of cutting-edge and proven methods to increase our students’ academic success. We aim to prepare each child to not only graduate from high school, but also ready to enter college and earn a degree.

Teach Like a Champion - GEO Academies regularly send staff to Teach Like a Champion trainings to learn and implement strategies to benefit students.
TAP - The System for Teacher and Student Advancement allows staff to use student data to continuously improve teaching effectiveness.
Rigorous Curriculum - Core Knowledge, CKLA, Blended Learning, and Eureka Math are all programs that GEO Academies use to provide a quality education that beats poverty and makes college a viable opton after High School graduation.
Early College - GEO Academies pay for tuition, books, and transportation for students to take 60 college credits worth of college classes at a local college, saving students time and money after high school.