Enrollment FAQ

What grade level is at each campus?

21st Century Charter School serves grades K-12. We are one school with three campuses and four separate buildings.

Elementary School, serving grades Kindergarten through 2nd:

556 Washington St.
Gary, IN 46402

(219) 886-9339

Intermediate School, serving Grades 3 through 5:

724 Washington St.
Gary, IN 46402

(219) 888-7130

High School, serving Grades 6 through 12:

1440 E. 35th Ave.
Gary, IN 46408

Grades 6-9 – North Building
(219) 806-4200

Grades 10 – 12 – College & Career Center
(219) 806-4204


Who can I contact for registration questions?

For Kindergarten through 5th grade, please contact the registrar at: 

(219) 886-9339 x3113

For 6th through 12th grade, please contact the registrar at:

(219) 806-4200 x 3513

Does the school provide transportation between home and school?

We do not have transportation from home to school. However, we have a shuttle that transports students from campus to campus for enrolled students. If you need to drop off 2+ students at different buildings, the shuttle can help you make just one stop. 

I have a scholar already enrolled at 21st Century Charter School. Do I have to submit another application for their sibling?

Yes, you will need to submit another application. Siblings of current scholars have preference in the enrollment lottery.

If I am employed with 21st Century Charter School @ Gary, can my student be enrolled?

Yes, your scholar can be enrolled. Please note, all scholars must reside in Indiana. You will still need to submit an application.

What if I apply after the deadline?

If you apply after the deadline and a seat is available, you will be accepted for registration. If there is a waitlist in your grade level, you will be placed on the next spot on the waitlist.

How do I know if my scholar has been accepted?

You will receive email correspondence if your scholar is accepted or put on the waitlist.