Enrollment FAQ

What grade level is at each campus?

21st Century Charter School at Gary serves grades K-12. We are one school with three separate campuses.

Elementary School, serving Grades Kindergarten through 3:

556 Washington St.

Gary, IN 46402

(219) 886-9339

Middle School, serving Grades 4 through 7:

724 Washington St.

Gary, IN 46402

(219) 777-8193

High School, serving Grades 8 through 12:

1440 E. 35th Ave.

Gary, IN 46408

(219) 806-4200

Who can I contact for registration questions?

For Kindergarten through 7th grade, please contact the registrar at: 

(219) 886-9339 x3113

For 8th through 12th grade, please contact the registrar at:

(219) 806-4200 x 3513

Does the school provide transportation between home and school?

We do not have transportation from home to school. However, we have a shuttle that transports students from campus to campus for enrolled students. If you need to drop off 2+ students at different buildings, the shuttle can help you make just one stop. 

I have a scholar already enrolled at 21st Century Charter School. Do I have to submit another application for their sibling?

Yes, you will need to submit another application. Siblings of current scholars have preference in the enrollment lottery.

If I am employed with 21st Century Charter School @ Gary, can my student be enrolled?

Yes, your scholar can be enrolled. However, you still need to submit an application by the deadline. Your scholar will have priority preferences for enrollment at all campuses.

What if I apply after the deadline?

Your scholar will be added to the waitlist until a seat is available for registration.

How do I know if my scholar has been accepted?

You will receive email correspondence if your scholar is accepted or put on the waitlist.