Meet The Principal

Anthony Cherry


Hello and Welcome to 21st Century Charter School at Gary!

My name is Anthony Cherry and I’m the Lead Principal at the 21st Century Charter Secondary at Gary.  I was born and raised in Gary, Indiana where I graduated from Calumet High School. Education has been the saving grace in my life and I want that for every child that walks into this building.   I earned my bachelor’s degree at Ball State University, and my master’s degree in Education Administration from California State University, Sacramento.   I also attended Calumet College of St. Joseph’s where I studied courses in secondary education. I bring 14 years of experience in education including extensive work in athletics and afterschool programming. For five years I taught here at 21st Century Charter School where I served as a middle school and high school teacher for various subjects.  I have a wide-range experience in Special Education, behavior management and social work.  I also proudly served on the Alternatives to Juvenile Detention Board in Lake County. My family and I are excited for this opportunity to once again be a part of 21st Century Charter School at Gary.

I envision the teachers and staff working hand -in -hand with parents to improve student performance and discipline. I want 100% of our students passing all ECA exams, less than that is unacceptable.  I want 100% of our seniors graduating every year, and I want 100% college matriculation yearly as well. I believe that by working as a team, these goals are possible.

My passion for learning is earnest and sensible, I’m not trying to re-invent the wheel, instead I look forward to growing our Associate’s degree program, strengthening our performances on standardized tests, and ensuring that students learn critical thinking and analysis skills so that they are successful in college, in their careers, and more importantly in life. Together we can make 21st Century Charter School at Gary a place that students, parents, and teachers are proud to be a part of.


Anthony Cherry

Lead Principal