GEO’s College Immersion Model Expands in Baton Rouge

GEO’s “college immersion” approach took a giant step forward this week in Baton Rouge during a press conference with Chancellor Dr. Willie Smith announcing GEO Next Generation High School of Baton Rouge has moved in and onto the campus of Baton Rouge Community College.

Three TV stations and the local newspaper, The Advocate, attended the press conference. Here is a link to the TV coverage BRProud and a link to the newspaper article in The Advocate. Both reports are outstanding!

Our students did an excellent job sharing their experience in the program and why it is important to them. Saving money? Yes! Helping them see themselves as college students? Yes! Teaching them how to be successful on a college campus? Yes! These are but a few of the comments they shared with the media this week.

GEO started GEO Next Generation High School in Baton Rouge three years ago. In May of 2023, we will celebrate our first graduating class. Six of our students are on track to earn a full associate degree prior to graduating from our high school. And, this is just the beginning. Many more will follow.

Our high school is over-enrolled, too. We have more students than we can serve in our building. The space we leased from BRCC will help us with our space needs, without us having to build a new building. Second, we can further immerse our high school students in the college culture and climate. And, we put more education dollars toward students learning, not toward construction and increased mortgage costs. We want to be great stewards of the Louisiana taxpayer’s dollars and provide as much return on investment as possible. This partnership with BRCC achieves that goal while providing students access to hundreds of educational options consistent with our state’s employment and educational needs.

We can do more and we have BIG plans to do more. To learn more about GEO Academies, our student success outcomes, or how you can join our efforts, visit or give me a call at 317-694-9985.


Kevin Teasley
Founder & President
GEO Foundation

PS: the pictures or our students below are from The Advocate. Morgan, Ceaira and Quintasia are all 17 and expected to complete a full associate degree by May of 2023. College debt? Nope. College completion? Yep!