Indiana Black Expo To Honor GEO Academies

Indiana Black Expo is one of Indiana’s most important organizations supporting programs and creating opportunities for social and economic advancement for African Americans. IBE holds several major events including their Summer Celebration, their Indiana University Education Summit and their Corporate Lunch. Each event celebrates and educates the public on Black culture, history, education, business and community leadership, and other developments.

Each year, the 51-year-old organization honors an organization at their Corporate Lunch with the “Rev. Charles R. Williams Excellence Award.”

According to their press release, “The recipient must be a leader who has demonstrated courage, vision and dedication to diversity in the community. And it is awarded to an organization that has helped “shape, contribute, or strengthen IBE’s vision of promoting African-American achievement in academics, athletics, business, education and the arts.”

Yesterday, IBE announced they will honor GEO Academies at this year’s corporate lunch.

“At a time when African Americans and low-income families continue to face the consequence of income inequality and lack of access to affordable higher education, the work of GEO Academies supports the upward mobility of economically disadvantaged and underserved African American students and, as such, contributes to the wellbeing of our state and country,” said Tanya Mckinzie, president of IBE.

This is a tremendous honor for GEO and we are humbled and grateful for the recognition of our work over the past 24 years. Our staff works hard every day to serve the communities we serve and our students rise up to the challenge and opportunities we provide. Our schools stand as examples of what the future might look like and show students are ready for more than tradition expects.

Our country is facing so many important challenges these days and GEO is doing what it can to provide solutions in some of our nation’s most challenging neighborhoods in Gary, Indy and Baton Rouge. From teacher shortages to high school graduation and college affordability and completion, GEO is providing innovative solutions and working within minimal budgets.

I hope this award inspires others to join in to serve their communities in similar ways. We can do more and we will do more.

Kevin Teasley, Founder and President