Blindness, Sickle Cell Anemia, Born Prematurely, and the Pandemic…Nothing Stops Our Students

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. True. But in this case, the above picture doesn’t tell the whole story. And what a story these students tell. I took the photo when I was in Gary recently. I love these students and thought I knew these students pretty well. But I was very wrong.

Several of these students have overcome obstacles to success that you can’t imagine. And you won’t see in the picture. One overcame sickle cell anemia. She was homebound for four years. We served her at her house during this time. Another fought off blindness. Another was born prematurely and was told he would never be able to tie his shoes. They all had to weather through the pandemic, too. Through all this, these students succeeded!

The students above are many, not all, of our students who are earning a full associate degree and/or career certifications prior to graduating from our high school. They will participate in the Ivy Tech Community College graduation ceremonies May 14 and then our high school graduation ceremony May 23.

And while these are our Gary students, we have similar stories in Indianapolis and Baton Rouge. One of our Indianapolis students told me he never thought he would go to college. Today, he’s a junior and he’s earned more than 30 college credits already and is planning to go to college. Two young ladies in Baton Rouge told me the same thing, but today, they have 24 and 30 college credits. Each of these students will complete a full associate degree prior to graduating from our high schools. Two of the students in the picture above are on track to complete a full bachelor’s degree from IUN and PurdueNW prior to graduating from our high school.

Yes, I’m inspired. This is why I get up every day. It is fun to see students grab on to an opportunity to better themselves and succeed. And succeed they do!

Thanks for your friendship!



Kevin Teasley

Founder & President


GEO Foundation