March Madness, Basketball Champions and College Degrees

The picture above is one of pure joy. These are our students celebrating their Regional Championship this past weekend. If you’re from Indiana, you know March is a very crazy month.

The newspapers have filed several reports on the success of our team this year and we are very proud of their accomplishments on the court. However, just as important, are their accomplishments in the classroom. And I’m proud to report that 8 of our team members have already earned an average of 14 college credits each. Given that most of our team members are sophomores and juniors, that’s darn good!

But ALL our students in our schools take college courses, not just our basketball players. And with that, I was particularly proud to see this article in today’s Northwest Indiana Times. The article shines a positive light on the academic achievements of our students in Gary. Our high school graduating class has already earned 29 college credits each on average. Check it out.

And, with graduation right around the corner, we are looking toward next year already. Where will our students go next year? I was looking at a report today and see several have been accepted to Purdue (Lafayette), IU (Bloomington), Notre Dame, Morehouse, the University of Alabama, IUPUI, University of Indianapolis, Valparaiso, Indiana State, Ball State and so many other terrific schools. Our Baton Rouge school is not currently serving 12th graders, but will next year, so we will celebrate their accomplishments then.

Graduation is special. I was extremely proud of my own kids when they graduated from high school and I’m just as proud of all the students who graduate from our schools every year–more than 1,000 grads so far. I’ve known most of them their entire lives–some I’ve known since they were in kindergarten. It’s so much fun to see them grow up and make something of themselves. Yep, I love getting up every day.

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Kevin Teasley

Founder & President

GEO Foundation


FYI: Our basketball team is ranked #1 in the state of Indiana. But did you know they don’t have their own gym? That’s right. They share a gym with our elementary students. I’m working to fix that. Let me know if you want to help. I’d appreciate it. Thanks.