GEO’s Model Taking Root

Three years ago, I posted on Facebook the bottom center picture showing several banners posted in our Haskins and Williams Athletic Center listing the names of students from our Gary school who earned college degrees while in our high school. We are very proud of the accomplishments of our students and we show our appreciation for their achievement by recognizing them right along with the athletic accomplishments of our students. The students love it! And these banners serve as a bit of an incentive to encourage other students to earn more than a high school diploma while in our high school, too.

Today, I’m extremely proud to report that we have more banners to hang and more schools to hang them in. The top left picture is from our new Baton Rouge high school and the top right photo is from our new Indianapolis high school. These schools are three and two years old respectively and yet already have a significant number of names on their banners. And, as for our Gary school, we’ve grown so much–more than 50% in enrollment in the past two years even though Covid–that we bought the former Ivy Tech Community College campus in Gary and added a new College and Career Center to serve our growing number of students.

It is so much fun seeing high school students in underserved communities rise up to higher expectations and opportunities. They are doing the work and proving to us all that if we not only believe but support their efforts, they can and will succeed.

We all see it.

The proof is right there on the wall.

Thanks for your continued friendship and support.

Kevin Teasley
Founder & President
GEO Foundation