New School Building, LA Superintendent Visit, Old National Contribution, and an IBJ Column

Ok, where do I start? This was quite a week. And no, I’m not talking about the stock market. I’m talking about a great school choice week! We’ve been busy!

We received a $10,000 contribution from Old National Bank in support of our college success efforts, reached agreement on buying a new 20-acre, two-school building property in Indianapolis, our GEO Prep Mid City Baton Rouge school was honored by an unannounced visit by Louisiana’s State Superintendent Dr. Cade Brumley, and the Indianapolis Business Journal featured a columnI wrote to help improve college completion rates.

I’ll report on the new school property later, but that is really exciting! For now, I want to share what Dr. Brumley (pictured above right with Principal Christina Kelly) said in his tweet after visiting our Baton Rouge school.

“Thanks Principal Kelly for welcoming this unannounced vistor. It was great seeing students benefitting from face-to-face teaching and learning. The implementation of instructional best practices, driven by leadership and supported by master teachers, was nice to observe.”

How much better does it get? That sums up what we are all about….and in a tweet!

So nice!

Yes, I’m jazzed because our staff brings their “A” game every day. We are ready for any visitor. We don’t put on a show for adults. We bring our “A” game for the students. Nice to see Louisiana’s top education official appreciate it.

We are forever grateful to our friends at Old National Bank for the contribution to support our college success program. The picture above left is Jason King, three of our students and Brian Henning of Old National. Our students wowed us all with their report on college courses they’ve taken this year and their future plans. Two of the students above are only freshmen, the other is a sophomore. They are terrific!!!


Kevin Teasley

Founder & President

GEO Foundation