GEO Opens Doors to Real College for Indy’s High School Students Even During Covid-19 Pandemic

Dear Friends:

Please plan to join us August 6 (details above) as we cut the ribbon to Indy’s latest and truly most innovative school. Tanya Mckinzie, president of Indiana Black Expo and chair of our school’s board, will share with us why she is so excited about this school and the promise it has for the community.

GEO Next Generation High School Indianapolis seeks to go beyond the college exposure and traditional college prep approaches and actually place high school students in real college classes while they are in our high school. Our students will have the opportunity to earn real college degrees including associate and bachelors degrees while in our high school at no cost to them.

We believe in the power of place. Students need to see themselves as real college students by sitting in real college classes and being taught by real college professors. And yes, they need to sit next to other students who don’t look like them, are not the same age, etc. They need to learn self discipline, time management, and how to work with others. Our students do all this in addition to learning the subject matter.

And it’s time for a school like this. Yes, even during a pandemic, it’s time!

In fact, this school is built to be pandemic proof. Our students won’t lose time during the pandemic, they will make better use of their time by being allowed to pursue studies that are above their grade level and age group. Our students at our sister school in Gary do this all the time. In fact, even though they may be in one of Indiana’s poorest communities, our Gary students outperform their peers across the state and many of Indiana’s richest school districts and private schools in terms of college and career readiness.

We are really pleased to partner with Indiana Black Expo, Ivy Tech, IUPUI, and Marian University to open this school and really look forward to our students earning real college credits and career certifications this year. We already have our first IUPUI student, too.

Join us August 6 to meet our school board, our spectacular school leader Kelli Marshall, and our staff (below right). Kelli (below left) is truly one of Indiana’s finest educators! She has more than 20 years of experience in schools and most recently was the superintendent of the Tindley Network and director of the Indianapolis office of Instructional Partners. She is now GEO’s Indiana Chief Academic Officer. And she is doing a bang up job! Our schools are better prepared than they have ever been.

Yes, it’s fun changing the world together! Join us. You will be glad you did!


Kevin Teasley
GEO Foundation