At GEO. . . We Don’t Let Covid Slow Us Down.

At GEO, we are on the front lines of today’s headline debates. Equity, the achievement gap, high school dropout/graduation rates, college completion, college debt, Covid-19 slow down, virtual education, minority leadership and so much more. We face these challenges everyday. And our students and communities benefit.

Nyla, pictured above, is a junior in our Gary, Indiana school. She isn’t letting Covid slow her down, either. She will earn two full years of college this year through the Ivy Tech ASAP program. She’s not closing the achievement gap, she’s jumping it. She’s not going into college debt, we pay for it. She’s completing more than high school, she’s earning two years of college and confidence to complete a four-year degree. She’s not going to be dependent upon society, she’s going to be independent. And that’s real equity!

And that’s Nyla in Gary. We are serving more than 3200 students in Gary, Indianapolis, and Baton Rouge and getting invited to new communities and states.

We are built to confront the many challenges America seeks to address. And we confront these challenges in real life terms—real schools, real students, real communities. This is meaningful stuff. Yes, I love my job!

Kevin Teasley
President / Founder
GEO Foundation