In Memory of Coach Ricky Haskins

Dear GEO Family,

Dana and I woke up this morning to learn of the passing of a very, very good man, Mr. Ricky Haskins. He was our athletic director at 21C for years.  I believe he was one of our original staff members at 21C, or at least nearly an original. No matter. He defined 21C. He was more than an athletic director. He was our school spirit.  He was our friend. He was a counselor to all our students. Ricky was there—always. And he is there now. He loved all our kids, thrived on what they did, wanted them to succeed, helped pick them up when they were down, taught everyone about how to carry on and live, was supportive in every way, and the kindest man you will ever know.  Yes, he was on the court and fields with the teams, on the bus, in the locker rooms, and made numerous trips.  He was always there for the kids.  And he supported the team from the bench.  Always with a gentle approach.  He was a quiet man who led with a soft approach.  A great role model. Loved his smile.  A great man.  I loved this man. We loved this man.  All of us loved this man.  He will be missed dearly. RIP Coach.

I don’t know the details regarding his funeral.  However, Dana and I would very much like to host or participate in a celebration of life for Ricky at 21C when Covid restrictions allow.  Stay tuned.



Peace and prayers for the Haskins family and to all his friends and family at 21C.

Kevin Teasley
GEO Foundation