Free College? Not Good Enough!

Free college? I’ve read about Tennessee and New Mexico and other states saying they are starting to offer free college—but it’s usually limited to community college. And yes, I hear presidential candidates promising it. I’d like to invite state and national leaders to come see us at where we’ve been offering free college since 2010–and we include both 2 and 4 year universities like IU, Purdue and Ivy Tech. But is free enough? Nope! Students need support all along the way to be successful. Our staff check in with our college-going high school students and their professors every week. And because we are there to help them through the tough times-and there are tough times-our students succeed. In fact, our students are in the top 5% of the state when it comes to earning real college credits in high school. We have the first and only student to earn a full bachelor’s degree from Mitch Daniels’ Purdue University while in our high school and we have a second student on the way with 4-5 more behind her. Momentum is building. So free college is good, but not good enough. Come check us out. And while you’re at it, if you have a rising 9th grader in Indianapolis next year, enroll. You’ll be glad you did.