Both GEO Baton Rouge Schools Shine in State Accountability Grades

Dear Friends:

Louisiana released school accountability grades yesterday and both GEO schools in Baton Rouge earned “Top Gains” honors from the state. They are among only five K-8 charter schools in Baton Rouge to receive this honor. Statewide, only 36% of all schools received this honor.

Louisiana does something very unique, too. They grade K-8 schools on how well they prepare students to be successful in high school. And in this measurement, both GEO schools are among only six charter schools in Baton Rouge that received an “A” grade.

We started our first charter school in Baton Rouge in 2015 with 150 students. Today, that school is serving more than 500 students in grades K-6. Our first school was so successful, the state asked us to take over a failing school in 2017. That school now serves more than 700 students in grades K-8. It is really great to see both schools earn the “Top Gains” honor and both schools successfully preparing their students for high school.

Speaking of high school, we are preparing to launch our new high school in Baton Rouge in August, 2019. Good to know the students we serve will be ready for our doors to open next year.

Let’s keep changing the world together!

Kevin Teasley


GEO Foundation


Twitter: @teasleygeo