21st Century Charter School Triples Indiana’s College and Career Readiness Goal

September 24, 2018

Dear Friends:

Indiana released preliminary report cards for the state’s schools today and while I can’t give you our actual grade–until next month when the State Board of Education votes to approve it–I can tell you our grade is better than last year. And yes, we are excited.

For now, I can tell you this. The state set a college and career readiness goal of 25% of all graduates at a high school taking college and/or career readiness classes such as AP or IB classes and/or real college classes or career certification classes. Our students knocked it out of the park!

We had 80% of our students earn college and/or career readiness points!

How are we doing this in Gary, Indiana? We start our students off in real college courses as early as 9th grade. And they take these courses on real college campuses such as Indiana University, Purdue University and/or Ivy Tech Community College. We believe putting students in real college classes so they can learn the climate, culture, expectations, and how to manage their time, work with other students who don’t look like them and/or are different ages, is just as important as the academic information they receive in the classes themselves. Our students gain self confidence and learn to believe in their abilities to not only go to college, but complete college. That’s why the average 2017 graduate earned 17 college credits while in our high school and that’s why we had six students earn an Associate Degree prior to graduating from our high school. And yes, that’s why one student earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Purdue prior to graduating from our high school.

That’s why the three students in the picture above earned their Associate’s Degree in 2018 prior to graduating from our high school. We will have 9 more students accomplish this goal in 2019.

Come find out what we are doing in Gary, Indiana. Come see why we are excited to spread our success in Baton Rouge, Louisiana next year. We are knocking down the achievement gap like none other!

Let’s keep changing the world together!


Kevin Teasley


GEO Foundation


Twitter: @teasleygeo