Time to Celebrate College Signing Day

College Signing Day in Gary is Always the Best Day!

May 11, 2018

Dear Friends:

It was College Signing Day in Gary, Indiana yesterday and there was no way I was going to miss it! This is the day we celebrate our seniors in front of our entire school for their successful high school careers, the college credits they earned while in our high school, and of course, their college choice for the fall. It is a BIG day in Gary!

Our cheerleaders, our dance team, and our drumline performed as our seniors prepared to take their walk down the red carpet and reveal their college choice. Once seated, every senior signed a pledge to not only go to college, but to complete college!

We have 65 graduates this year–our biggest class ever. Three of our seniors have already earned their Associate Degrees–two years of college–while in our high school. We have another senior who earned her CNA, four others earned their welding certification, and as a class, the seniors have earned more than 400 college credits.

Our seniors have been accepted to Notre Dame, Duke, DePaul, IU-Bloomington, Purdue-Lafayette, IUPUI, Butler University, Kent State, Spellman, and many more.

It was so exciting to see our families celebrate with their students. Moms and Dads were in tears. Heck, even I was in tears at times. I’ve known a lot of these kids since they were in kindergarten. They are family to me.

We celebrate in front of the entire school so that students as young as kindergarten start thinking about college and begin to understand that college is a reality for them. Instead of just talking about it, we believe it helps students realize it can happen for them when they see their older brother or sister or a friend they know going to college. We don’t take anything for granted.

And our students look forward to future years and taking the walk themselves when it’s their turn.

Below is a selfie with three of our students who will be entering college this fall as juniors since they’ve already earned two years of college while in our high school. They’ve saved themselves time and money and they’ve gained the confidence needed to be successful in college and to complete college. Very cool!

Lets keep changing and improving the world together!

Kevin Teasley
GEO Foundation
Twitter: @teasleygeo