Kristie McMillan earned two Masters Degrees at the Indiana University Northwest Gary campus, in Elementary Education and Educational Administration, under the tutelage of State Representative Dr. Vernon G. Smith.

Now a Middle School Math Teacher at the 21st Century Charter School at Gary, Ms. McMillan has connected the young men of 21c with Dr. Vernon Smiths innovative organization, The African-American Achievers Youth Corps, Inc. Ms. McMillan holds weekly meetings for 21c African American Achievers in her classroom, with Dr. Smith attending, where the boys discuss life, school, their future careers, and where to look for support. In addition to these weekly meetings at 21c, Dr. Smith asks the boys to meet him every Saturday at the Indiana University Northwest Gary campus. Members of the African-American Achievers Youth Corps are expected to be highly involved in their communities, committing to constant community service projects, including neighborhood clean-ups and community revitalization efforts.

Two 21c rising Seniors, Daione Fields and Kenneth Orr, have become particularly involved with the African American Achievers and Dr. Vernon Smith, traveling to Indianapolis to visit the State Capitol Building for a behind-the-scenes tour. Kenneth Orr is currently working with Dr. Vernon Smith on a community revitalization project, which Kenneth will lead.

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