Cougar’s Den Pre-School Proudly Announces Level 3 Paths to Quality Rating

Cougar’s Den Pre-School, a program of 21st Century Charter School at Gary, in Gary, IN, is proud to announce it has earned a Level 3 rating—the highest rating it can currently earn, from Paths to Quality, a rating system that accredits pre-school and child care programs.

The Cougar’s Den Pre-School also was the recipient of an “On My Way” grant of nearly $10,000, which helped the school to acquire supplies to achieve a Level 3 rating. 21st Century Charter School at Gary is the ONLY school in the state of Indiana to have pre-K classrooms that are both independently licensed and approved, and an On My Way grant recipient Pre-K provider. Additionally, 21st Century Charter School at Gary is the only charter school in Lake County with a pre-school program, and one of three charter schools in the state with a pre-school program.

Cougar’s Den Pre-School opened in August of 2014 and has served over 55 students in its first year. Cougar’s Den Pre-School employs licensed, experienced teachers and teacher’s aides in its classrooms and provides a morning and afternoon program. The pre-school program utilizes an academic curriculum that is geared towards ensuring that students are ready for Kindergarten level learning the next academic year. The goal of the program is to start preparing students for college graduation from the very beginning.

The Cougar’s Den Pre-School program developed a food program, health program, and showed documentation proving that the program serves all students, regardless of Special Education classifications in order to receive state licensure, the first pre-requisite to being rated by Paths to Quality. Cougar’s Den Pre-School looks forward to serving a new class of students for the 2015-2016 school year. Please visit our website to register your child.