21st Century Charter School Hires New Special Education Director

21st Century Charter School at Gary Press Release

For Immediate Release

21st Century Charter School at Gary

724 Washington Street

Gary, IN 46402


21st Century Charter School named Erika Dilosa as the new Special Education Director on June 11.

Dilosa is a licensed special education teacher, received her degree from Chicago State University, her teaching certification in Special Education K-12 from Indiana University, and a Master of Science in Education from Indiana University. Dilosa has 10 years of experience in special education and is licensed in Special Education K-12 Mild Interventions.

“I have great faith in the special education team at 21st Century Charter School. The staff really cares about making sure that our students get the services they need. The school has been found by the State Department of Education to have an exemplary record of service for the past nine years. This past year, we failed to serve two students appropriately. We are making amends and I look forward to putting the school back on track.”

Looking forward to taking leadership of the program next year, Dilosa plans to grow it through new, licensed staff hires, and build a stronger collaboration between special education and general education departments, with the common goal being to “serve ALL students.”

At least 11% of 21st Century Charter School at Gary’s population qualifies for the Special Education program, and Dilosa is confident about the services they provide. “We work really well with parents, staff, and outside agencies. Our most valuable asset, when it comes to our students, is their parents. Parents know their children best, and we do our best to make sure that parents understand all material being discussed during meetings, and ensure that parents participate fully in all educational decisions regarding their child in school.” Dilosa knows that the program is successful, saying, “Our students look forward to working with us and seeing us. They feel free to express their concerns to us. They know we will advocate for their best interests.” Dilosa and the Special Education program at 21st Century does not cut ties after graduation. “We keep in touch with many of our students even after they have graduated. They know that we are always here for them, no matter what.”

Special Education is personal to Ms. Dilosa. A great lover of children, Ms. Dilosa has 6 children of her own with her school social-worker husband, who also serves as a Pastor in the Gary community. “When one of my own children was dealing with special education challenges, I wanted to learn more about how I could help my child, and help other children and parents dealing with the same issues. That’s how I entered into the Special Education field.” Dilosa states, “I look forward to leading 21st Century Charter School at Gary’s Special Education department and doing the best job we can to serve all students.”