Stanford University Study Shows GEO Charters Among Top “Growth” Performers in the Nation and Indiana

A new study from Stanford University’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) found that Greater Educational Opportunities (GEO) Foundation’s network of charter schools rank in the top 25% of charter networks in the country in terms of academic growth in math and top 40% in reading growth.

When compared to other charter networks operating in Indiana, GEO’s network is the top non-profit charter network in the state in terms of achieving academic growth.

“GEO’s network of schools focus on accelerating the academic growth of the students we serve. It is great to see such a respected university publish a study that validates our work,” said Kevin Teasley, president and founder of the Indianapolis-based GEO Foundation.

The study, titled Charter School Growth and Replication, Volume II, concluded that GEO’s schools are outperforming traditional schools in growth effect size in standard deviations by .05 in math and .02 in reading. The growth effect size, measured in standard deviations, is the average change in performance of students attending a network charter school compared to a traditional school. Essentially, the higher the growth effect size; the more students in that network improved during the four years of the data collection window. The following charts shows how charter school networks in Indiana measured up:


National Heritage .03
GEO Foundation .02
AQS .02
K12 -.03
Imagine -.05
Lighthouse -.06


GEO Foundation .05
National Heritage .04
Lighthouse -.02
AQS -.06
Imagine -.08
K12 -.11