GMC Kicks Off First School Year

Today is the first day of our newest school family member—Gary Middle College. Please join me in congratulating James Joiner, principal of GMC, and his staff for putting all the pieces together to open this great new school. The school was scheduled to open with 100 students but due to high demand (300 applicants), it will open with more than 160 students.

For those of you who do not know, GMC is a school intended to serve students who find attending a traditional day time high school difficult due to their life circumstances. It is also intended to serve students who may have already left high school without earning a degree. GMC is NOT a night school, but rather a high school that happens to be open a night. The difference? Most traditional night schools focus on providing a GED, not a degree. GMC will provide a full Core 40 high school program AND expects each student to go to college while attending GMC. Students will take the Ivy Tech entrance exam and will be enrolled at GMC’s expense in college courses. GMC will pay for the tuition AND the textbooks. And GMC staff will provide the support necessary for students to be successful.

These are courageous students! Many of these students have overcome difficult circumstances and it takes a lot for them to return to school and commit to improving their future.

We are very proud of James and his team and look forward to GMC growing its impact in the City of Gary, Indiana.