One Aircard, One Child, One Dream Program comes to Pikes Peak Prep

One Aircard, One Child, One Dream Program comes to Pikes Peak Prep with 50 Dell Netbooks with Sprint Aircards and Protective Software.

Bob Logan, President of Wireless Business Solutions, LLC., a national Minority Sprint BSP Partner will explain their program “One Aircard, One Child, One Dream Program” (O3P) and the role it is playing in helping bridge the Digital Divide for Urban Schools in (11) States. He will also present Pikes Peak Prep, and the Greater Educational Opportunities Foundation (GEO), Pikes Peak Prep’s educational management organization, with the program’s first 50 Dell Netbooks that utilize a Sprint Embedded Aircard. GEO has arranged for Pikes Peak Prep (PPP) to be one of the first schools in the nation to benefit from this opportunity and the Foundation will be receiving more than 1,300 machines next year to distribute to all of their charter schools.

Kevin Teasley, Founder and CEO of GEO Foundation, will discuss the relationship with WBS, how it benefits all the GEO charter schools and the communities in which these schools serve and the financial arrangement. Based on what we have learned he will also briefly discuss how his schools will be protecting these devices.

Lastly, Dr. Patricia Arnold will introduce some Pikes Peak Prep students (elementary and high school) that will demonstrate the use of the new netbooks that will be utilized on a daily basis along with the iPads in the classrooms.


One Aircard, One Child, One Dream (O3P) is a WBS LLC good corporate citizenship E-Rate supported education initiative that provides an end-to-end managed solution to underserved young scholars in select urban public, charter and magnet schools across the country. In simple terms (O3P) provides one Sprint aircard wed to one CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act) software protected netbook appliance (Dell netbook) for each student scholar to use in extending the library and classroom experience in support of fulfilling their dreams. Each netbook is protected by CIPA software. Therefore, wherever students are on campus or off campus on selected field trips, our young scholars are allowed to investigate the world through a safe and secure environment no longer reliant on internal infrastructure or staff from the selected school.

Founded in 2005, and located near downtown Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak Prep (PPP) has achieved AYP every year of it’s five-year existence. PPP is characterized as a “high growth, tuition-free, public charter school.” The school prepares students to compete in the global economy by giving them every opportunity to become comfortable with current technology and new experiences. Along with the help of partner, Pikes Peak Community College, PPP students have the potential of graduating from Pikes Peak Prep with as many as 60 college credits free of charge – an enormous savings to families.

GEO Foundation, as featured in Forbes Magazine, has been making access to quality schools a reality for children since 1998. GEO incubates quality charter schools and then supports their growth. All GEO-sponsored public charter schools are high academic growth schools and feature a unique K-14 model–full day kindergarten all the way through two years of college. GEO Academies provide longer school days and a longer school year to ensure student success.