Local Education Foundation Not “Waiting for Superman”

Capturing momentum from the new high-profile education reform documentary “Waiting for ‘Superman,’” Indianapolis-based charter school incubator, GEO Foundation, is using a $100,000 grant to fund a “Superman” fellowship to launch charter schools in Indianapolis.

The movie, “Waiting for Superman” details families in need of better education options for their children and shows them waiting to get into the only free school option available other than traditional public schools: charter schools. They are waiting because there aren’t enough seats available – a plight that is common in charter schools.

“GEO’s new Superman Fellows program seeks to prime the pump in Indiana to create new charter schools and also to grow and support the reforms that are taking place by providing new schools where reforms can thrive,” states GEO founder and CEO, Kevin Teasley.

GEO is accepting applications for the Fellowship through the end of the year. It is specially pitching the fellowship to local participants in Teach for America and the New Teacher Project, though other experienced educators and business persons will be considered. The first fellow will be selected early in 2011. Applications should be submitted through the foundation’s website.

“We have already raised $100,000 to fund the first Superman, but we need more than one Superman and therefore we seek to raise further funds for additional ‘Heroes.’ Once selected, we will provide each Superman a year to develop their charter school proposal, submit the application to an authorizer, and then GEO will provide continued support for the school to open and prosper. Though we have no guarantees that the Super Hero will be successful but in this time of dire need for reform, it is a risk worth taking,” stated Teasley.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, GEO Foundation has been making access to quality schools a reality for children since 1998. GEO, as featured in Forbes Magazine, incubates quality charter schools and then supports their growth. All four GEO-sponsored public charter schools are high academic growth schools and feature a unique K-14 model–full day kindergarten all the way through two years of college. GEO Academies provide longer school days and a longer school year to ensure student success. GEO Academies partner with Teach For America, New Teacher Project, and College Summit, too. GEO students graduate from high school with an average of 20 college credits–and this number is growing–earn thousands in academic scholarships and go to college. Log on to www.geofoundation.org to learn more about GEO, our schools, and to get involved.