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21st Century Charter School at Gary

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21st Century Charter School at Gary is a free public charter school and is committed to ensure that all students show growth in character, academics, life skills, the arts, and wellness using teaching skills tailored to meet the needs of each student.

“A Small School with Big Chances”

21C represents a distinctive approach to bridging the high-school-to-college gap.
21C’s program is unlike most college-credit programs in three key ways
Between 2015 and 2018, 173 21C graduates earned a cumulative 1720 college credits


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Very proud of our 21C Ladies Volleyball team! ...
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Really love it when we can hire our alums. Cheyenne Biffle is one of our originals at 21st Century Charter School. Today, she is a teacher in our special ed department. Great energy! So cool!! FYI, I’m pretty sure I had a lot more hair when she was a student of ours. 🙂 ...
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2 weeks ago

21st Century Charter School at Gary
Proud 21st Century Charter School family moment. Meet Khaya and his Mom and Dad. Khaya will hold 32 college credits by the end of this semester and a full associate degree by May ‘22. He’s earned 2 black belts, speaks fluent Chinese and, wait for it…he’s 12. He wants to study biology and go to med school. Next year, he will start work on his bachelor's and if everything goes right, he will earn his full bachelor's before graduating from 21C. Pretty neat! ...
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Love this! Nyesha, D’Nesha earned associate degrees while attending 21C. Antonio started at 21C and finished at Lighthouse and earned his associate degree, too. Their mother, Theresa, did, too. Nyesha earned her masters and now teaches math at 21C. Theresa is our College and Career Counselor, D’Nesha is a counselor for us, too. Both are completing their masters, too. Antonio completes his bachelors in ‘22. I love our 21C families! ...
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