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21st Century Charter School at Gary is a free public charter school and is committed to ensure that all students show growth in character, academics, life skills, the arts, and wellness using teaching skills tailored to meet the needs of each student.

“A Small School with Big Chances”

21C represents a distinctive approach to bridging the high-school-to-college gap.
21C’s program is unlike most college-credit programs in three key ways
Between 2015 and 2018, 173 21C graduates earned a cumulative 1720 college credits

GEO’s 21st Century Charter School received a prestigious endorsement from the University of Indianapolis’s Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning (CELL) for our early college program. We are the 4th charter school in the state to earn this endorsement and one of only 42 schools in the entire state to earn it. CELL is the only organization in the state empowered by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education to “endorse” early college high schools in the state. [read more]


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Some have asked for me to respond to the Texas shootings. I wanted to take a moment to reflect before doing so. Of course, it pains me to see the senseless act of violence and evil in Texas yesterday. My heart, and the hearts of all of us in the GEO family join together to pray for the families in their grief and for the beautiful souls lost. But we must do more than pray and offer our hearts and support to all families impacted by this violence and others. I’m tired of waking up and seeing these tragedies. Aren’t you?There will be continued bickering over gun rights in every state house and in Congress, too. We can’t wait for politicians to act. They are not the only ones who can help. We can help each other. We must take action to take care of one another prior to violence to prevent violence. We must do more than talk. We must seek students/individuals who are out of sorts. Those who are not associating or relating to society. Include them. Do not ostracize them. Ask if they need assistance. Provide friendship. We need to support students in their quest to make a better life for themselves, too. This is why GEO schools are set up the way they are. Hopelessness is real. And when one feels hopeless, one doesn’t care about his/her actions. That’s why someone can be so violent without regard for life. We must believe in our children. Each child has a gift. Let’s support that gift. When we instill hope and a viable path to success, people are less likely to be violent. They will feel a sense of purpose. That is what we need. So, while politicians battle it out, each of us can do our part, too. Stand up for the hopeless. Support one another. Provide a sense of purpose. Be sincere. Seek understanding. Be inclusive. I hope this will help heal individuals as well as communities and our country.Peace ...
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Congrats to our Seniors; Brandon Winston, Amazin Taylor, and Phaydra Robinson who earned their Junior Master Gardener Certification. They will be a few of our student speakers at the Urban Garden Conference.(This event is Free. To come to support These students at this event you must RSVP at the following link. forms.gle/i8ii8bHBgwyCVRqRrt9 ...
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Congratulations to our senior scholars and their families. Way to go class of 2022. Captured by Tevin Studdard ...
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Meet us at @iunorthwest for the Teacher Recruitment fair and explore opportunities with @21stCharterGary our institution believes in the holistic growth of our scholars and teachers. If you’re in the area meet us at the Savannah Center we would love to discuss the possibilities!

Educators if you’re looking for a system that is dedicated to the development of scholars and the success of its employees look no further then @21stCharterGary come on out to our Educators Career Fair tomorrow from 11-3 we have the perfect place for you!


Academic development is achieved by capitalizing on all of the skills that our scholars have! Electives make students more well rounded and focused learners! @WendySkibinski @teasleygeo #academics #theGEOway #youngscholars #219

Lunch with our amazing Assistant Principal Mr. Hurt! Look at our young scholars faces such a beautiful moment. @WendySkibinski @teasleygeo @apearish #theGEOWAY #Leadership #RelationshipBuilding #Fellowship #Authenticity

Every morning this is how one of our phenomenal 2nd grade teachers starts her class! Building understanding through innovative measures that work for our scholars. Great job Mrs. Hampton we love to see it! @WendySkibinski @teasleygeo @apearish #theGEOWay

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