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21st Century Charter School at Gary

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21st Century Charter School at Gary is a free public charter school and is committed to ensure that all students show growth in character, academics, life skills, the arts, and wellness using teaching skills tailored to meet the needs of each student.

“A Small School with Big Chances”

21C represents a distinctive approach to bridging the high-school-to-college gap.
21C’s program is unlike most college-credit programs in three key ways
Between 2015 and 2018, 173 21C graduates earned a cumulative 1720 college credits


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Dear 21C Families, 16% of our entire high school student body is already on track to earn the Indiana College Core, 30 college credits, while in high school. That’s 8 times the state average. And, 22% of our Class of ‘22 are on track to do it. That’s 11 times the state average. Only 2% of the state’s high school graduates achieve this feat. Your children rock!!! It’s an honor to serve. Thank you! ...
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Love celebrating our high school students already taking REAL college courses while attending @21stCharterGary and @geonextgenhs Indy. Today, all these students (in pic) from both schools shared their achievements. Some already earned associate degrees. Wow!That’s how we roll! ...
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21C Friends and Families, This past weekend, 2016 21C alum Eugene German got in a plane headed to Athens, Greece. He signed a contract to play for an Athens-based professional basketball team. What a dream!Some of you know Geno, most of you don’t. So, I thought I’d share a little bit about him. He came to our school after leaving Andrean, a local Catholic school. He wanted to start and Andrean couldn’t promise him he would start. He was small and skinny, but he could shoot the lights out even as a freshman. So he transferred to 21C. When others didn’t give Geno much of a look, Rodney Williams saw a great deal of talent in Geno. And he started all 4 years, helped 21C win 4 sectionals and one regional (made it to the final 4), ending up a two-time statewide scoring leader in Indiana, and Indiana All-Star MVP (after once again being overlooked by everyone and having to play on to the All Star team instead of being selected). He received only one D1 offer, too. Northern Illinois University gave him a chance. But to get to NIU, Geno needed to bone up on his academics and score well enough on the SAT. The 21C team (Aarynn Bernard and Larry Upshaw and others) gathered around Geno and supported his studies. He qualified.While at NIU, he became the school’s all-time leading scorer. He graduated in 4 years, too. Covid hit. And the usual pro camp opportunities went away. No NBA offers came calling. So, this past year, he played for a new league in Kokomo. He was invited to play for a 3 on 3 competition aired on ESPN. His team won and he was MVP again. Then the Denver Nuggets came calling. He played Summer League. Today, he’s in Athens. Wow! How cool is that? A little kid from Gary, Indiana is now playing his dream game in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and getting paid to do it. How about that?Why do I share this story? Because it’s a story of toughness, perseverance, commitment, hard work, and focus. Most coaches know Geno is the first one at the gym and the last one to shut it down. Geno is talented but he’s had to work hard for everything he’s received/earned. Last year, during Covid, he was calling me late at night to get entrance to the 21C gym so he could practice his game. He set up cones and chairs on the court to work on his skills. He put in hours and hours of practice. Alone. No one was there telling him what to do. He did it by himself. All those shots, those moves he makes, those fakes and head bobs and stutter steps are well rehearsed moves. Perfection at its finest!I find Geno to be one of the most inspirational leaders I know. He never takes no for an answer. He never gets down. He responds to the doubters and makes them pay. He’s really quite awesome. I share this story because I think all of our students can be inspired by Geno’s journey. But it takes more than inspiration. It takes commitment to doing the work. Hard work. Nothing is given to us. Everything is earned. Ask Geno. ...
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21C Families: You are invited to our In-Person K-12 Parent University - Tomorrow - Wednesday at 4PM. Raffle Prizes! Refreshments! Learn the ins-outs to Parent Square and PowerSchool. ...
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